Wednesday, August 19, 2009

first day of school

I have not posted in forever, but these photos had to go up tonight before I went to sleep. Kalli started her first day of school today...  and, MAN, she looks fantastic. Way too grown up to be only 7. She has more style and confidence and inner and outer beauty that most people have in a lifetime. Her first day was fantastic, and it is going to be an incredible year. Kaya starts on Monday....  so more photos will follow I am sure.
This is how I left her....  looking happy as could be in her new desk in her new class with her new teacher. I cried on my way to school. Cried because I am so lucky to be her mom. Because I hope I am not missing the little things and that time would slow down a little. And I cried because I will miss her all day every day. She is such a great kid. 

Then, after school, we did our traditional FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL trip to Cold Stone, and she showed me she is very much still my little girl who simply cannot eat ice cream without it getting all over her face. I think she looks like a scary pumpkin with those missing teeth. Man, I am lucky to be her mom.