Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Corn Cashew Soup

I got this from an AMAZING site for blending... it is

The lady is wacky healthy and the girls and I LOVE watching her blend things....

I made this in a Health Master Blender I am borrowing until my Vitamix comes.

I am obsessed with green smoothies and overall a healthier way to eat myself and feed my family (the stuff they do not run away from). I feel the best I have ever felt about the direction I am taking healthwise..... and giving in to my compulsion for this blender is part of that! :)

For this soup you simply need corn (fresh would have rocked, I used frozen), raw cashews, and water. Cannot get much cleaner. You can add some pepper and cilantro at the end which I did and it was wonderful. Amazing actually for 8 minutes in the blender and only the blender cup to clean which is super easy. Even Kaya ate it. :)

You can get the link to this soup here:

Or, this is how I cut and paste her notes into my recipe binder:

Cashew Corn Chowder
3 1/4 cups of fresh, sweet corn, which I shaved from the cobs this morning. You only need to add 2 1/4 cups to the blender and save a cup of it for the garnish.
Then add in 2 cups of water, I made a couple of other modifications to Ani’s recipe and I’ll tell you about them as I go along. And then, 1/2 cup of raw cashews.
We know that raw cashews are high in fat, that’s good. That’s the good fat, the comforting fat that also nourishes you, that fills up those empty spaces.
2 TBS of extra virgin olive oil
one tsp of kosher sea salt
1/2 clove of garlic
Let’s blend it up, 1-2-3 in the VitaMix and you’ll see how creamy and elegant it comes out, start on low and walk it up. That’s all there is to it.
And remember that corn that we saved? Garnish with some fresh corn, a dash of black pepper, sprinkle a little on and some chopped cilantro.

If you are thinking about getting a Vitamix - get it from Jane at and you get free shipping. It is the same price on all sites... I wish I had found her site before I ordered mine. Once you sign up for her email, you get this awesome blend it and mend it guide that I printed and have in a binder. This site is a great place to get a concept of how you can take better care of your body and why I am obsessed with getting a vitamix. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pine-Sol and Puke....

I hate days like today. The girls and I have been sick all week. There is not time for a mom to be sick. Especially a working mom who is taking classes at night and whose mom is not here. Today was one of those days I needed someone to help me. I started the day throwing up and just wanted to stay in bed. But, the germs are not going to get out of my house by themselves so I got up, and began a wild cleaning festival that resulted in my throwning up in the bucket I just hand moped the kitchen floor with.... gross. But, at least the vomit germs were instantly sanatized and they smelled pine-sol fresh. :( I have missed work and where I work, you have no sick time, and the bills do not change. In fact, with the three dr. visits for the girls, we will spend more this month and I will make way less..... So missed work equals missed money equals more stress. Needless to say, I am in the middle of one long week.
And, I want my Mom. Plain and simple I want her here to tell me this will be OK. To help me re-make all the beds I just pulled apart to clean the sheets. To make me lie down while she dumps out the bucket of pine-sol and puke. I am almost 40 and I was lucky to have my mom most of my life. But, it still sucks that she is gone. That I am here without her for however many years I have left on this earth. That my girls will never remember how much she loved them. That when you lose your mom, there are no places to go to apply for a new one.... spouses get remarried and fill that hole with someone new. Kids just get left behind and no one steps up to take care of them like a mom does. No one knows all your stories and knows what you need when you need it. I know this sounds whiney and it is. I am mad and sad that my mom is gone and that no one will ever love me like she loved me. No matter how much I miss her or how much I loved & appreciated her when she was here will not change the fact that she is dead and gone. I am here to take care of her mom in her place and take care of her grandkids and myself..... and I am not feeling up to the task this week. I just want her to come by to check on me, see that I am in way over my head and tell me to go to sleep and that it will be all right. Because, when she was alive, it always was all right. If not, she sure made it feel that way. And I miss feeling like that. I miss it a lot.