Sunday, September 28, 2008

A sunshine filled day at the Country-A-Fair

I had my first booth at an event, and it went well.

It was so nice out and people really liked seeing my Once Upon A Family products. The biggest hit was the Gratitude Tree, and I am working on the details to turn it into a class before Thanksgiving because people thought it would make a great centerpiece or great gift. One lady ordered a tree to give to her Mom with a photo of all 14 of her grandchildren on it for Christmas (what a super idea!!!!).

I loved helping people realize that memory keeping is WAY easier than most people make it out to be.  Lisa Schneiter is the lucky winner of this super cool gift bag full of stuff from Yellow Fence, Creative Cafe and Once Upon A Family. I hope she likes it all!
This was a neat event because there was fun stuff for the kids to do from a petting zoo to story telling time. 
On a side note, my good friend asked me if I always let my kids pick out their own clothes....  it made me laugh because I never considered NOT letting them pick (from the time Kal was about 2 - she has always picked out her own clothes). She asked me if it bothered me that people might look at them funny, and I told her not at all.... Heck, Kalli wore two DIFFERENT shoes to school for months when she was 3.... then, this morning as we were about to leave to volunteer at something for the Rotary Club....  this is how they came out dressed..... 
Totally not matching...  odd arm bands, goofy patterns..... and I loved it. Kaya (the little one) said "Yook (look) at me!!  I picked it all out byself!!!"  I was just so happy that they love themselves enough to just do what they love. I wish I could give them the ability to never lose that confidence.....   

Look for my e-newsletter this week. Thanks for checking out this little blog. I appreciate you clicking on me!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gratitude Tree

Oh My Goodness. I am in love with this new wrought iron tree from Once Upon A Family....
It just came out and I got it last night. I could not sleep I was so excited about turning it into a gratitude tree.
I have one of these to sell this weekend and I will also be taking orders. I hope to turn this into a class for the holidays. I will keep you posted. I am having issues with the link to my cart, but if you want to look into getting just this tree for your family, email me and I can help you. It is only $35 plus shipping. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

If you are local... come to Redar Park this weekend...

They are having an event called Country-A-Fair with a free petting zoo, games, and music for the kids. I am haivng my first Memories for Everyone booth. I am excited (and sort of nervous, too). I picked up a few of my favorite Once Upon A Family items so people could buy them cash & carry. I just got a box today with one of the new items....  a very cool iron tree I plan to let the kids decorate for each holiday....  It is so much nicer in person than I even thought....  I will post a photo of this tomorrow once I can take it outside in the sunlight.

I have three letter boxes (this is my favorite item - if this is the only thing you ever made for your child, it would be MORE than enough) I had a great workshop in my home with this item.

Three birthday books (another SIMPLE way to have one little place with just one photo of each birthday - this is one you could even try to backtrack if your kids are older - I wish I had this from when I was little - my kids would love to just see one photo of me at their age)

Two Handprint Books (my friend used this to capture her entire family's handprints at their reunion this summer)
And a few other items....  I have a lot to get ready, but I hope it is worth it. I plan to take sign ups for the GOOD STUFF class, hopefully sell some Once Upon A Family items, maybe book a few parties, and take names for the newsletter. It is supposed to be another beautiful day. Kalli is SO EXCITED to help me work my booth. If you need to know where Redar Park is, email me for directions. It is from 11 AM - 4 PM only on Saturday.

If you ever see a Once Upon A Family product you would like, you can email me or order it direct at my site.They have really great stuff that would make incredible gifts. These items are simple and so easy to use - ANYONE can use them and create an amazing memory. If you want me to mail you their mini catalog, send me an email with your address. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good stuff came in the mail today....

We just selected and picked out Halloween costumes on Sunday (After looking at about 100 patterns at JoAnns, three Halloween stores, and surfing on line for days)....  they decided to be twin witches!!

You know I love that.  I found them for $10 cheaper EACH when I looked a little harder...  and they already came today!  The kids were so excited. Halloween is our very favorite holiday for many reasons....
1) It is my little brother's birthday
2) Kids can be ANYTHING they want to be that day - no questions asked
3) We all love candy!!!

I know Kaya's is a bit big, but it was 3T-4T or 4T - 6 and I went up because where we live, you could have to layer underneath it. I hated when my Mom made me wear my coat OVER my costume, so I always try to layer under their costumes. 

And, I saw a cute card on Stacy J's site, and I ordered it for myself for my birthday from Curly Girl Designs....  I love this card so much it makes my heart hurt a little....

I totally would have went out of my way to be my Mom's friend if I was not lucky enough to be her kid. I am totally making a page for her tribute album with this card.

Lots have signed up for the Good stuff instructions. Will be working on them and get them to you in the next couple of weeks. THANKS for wanting them. It makes me happy when you want to do stuff like this for your family!!

Here are a couple more photos that will be in my Good Stuff album:
Probably the last frog of the season....  he was HUGE. Kalli loved it - Ky ran away screaming. :) 
 Dad was out of town at a convention and brought back a load of convention give-aways...  the biggest hit was the jester hat!!

I love shots from behind. Ky loves going to "media center" at her school and used Kal's old backpack (which is way too big for her, but she loves it). We play "bus stop" on the way to school on days we drive.... they walk down the driveway holding hands and wait for the bus driver (me) to come pick them up. It is funny how kid who walk to school love the bus and bus riders want to walk! 
Begin gathering ideas and photos for your Good Stuff project. Cannot wait.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Stuff Album

OK, I could not sleep because I was outlining ways I could create this. So, I got up and made this first thing this morning....  and I love it. I already have GOOD STUFF in it from each of my family members!  I love that part most of all.
I just wanted you to see it. I will work more on outlining it over the weekend, and see if Marty can come up wtih a kit (I am using the Creative Cafe spiral album and Art Warehouse FRESH line) in case any of you want to go that route. The class will be FREE if you just sign up. I will get you a handout and give you a push to create your own little place to record your GOOD STUFF!

Email me (or just comment with your email address in the comments) if you want me to put you on the FREE class list. I am so excited about making this for my family. I hope you make one for yours, too.

We started our day today by each of us listing out just a few things that we consider to be GOOD STUFF.
Notice my little model helping me with my photos this morning!! :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you interested in a Good Stuff class?

I cannot get the idea of a small, simple, GOOD STUFF album out of my head. I want to make it for my family, and possibly offer a kit with  AND maybe just offer instructions in case you simply want to use the stuff you have on hand. I just want to know if any one who reads this would be interested in me doing this so you can do it with me.  It makes a difference how I create it - if I am making a kit, writing instructions or just making it for my girls.

So, please let me know what you think - would you want to be on a list to get instructions OR possibly order a kit? If yes, send me an email or just comment (BE SURE to put your email address in the comment so I can add you to the list). I hope to start my album this weekend, so let me know if I am just doing this for my cute little buggers or if you might want to make it along with me. If you do, I will try to make that happen for those of you who are interested.

Not sure yet exactly how we would do this, but I will be starting sketching it, and you guys let me know if any of you want to outline some of the GOOD STUFF in your life.

Here are a few photos of some of the random GOOD STUFF in my life:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have never been accused of being hip OR trendy....

And I can prove that by saying something I probably should have said about 5 years ago when it was cool - but, "For the first time ever - I have sewn on paper!!!" And I loved it. Actually, I did it for Kalli, and we created the coolest little project ever. It was so cool. I never did it before because those of you that know me know there is NO WAY I would take the time to get out and thread the machine while making a page! But, man, it was so cool to sew on paper!!!  Easy and super fun. Kalli colored these 1/2 sheets of paper and we sewed them into a quilt - of course, Little bug was not about to miss the fun, so she helped me sew blank pieces together, and she said she will color them later. Man, maybe I should have tried this years ago when the rest of you were doing it! :)
Kal had me hang up her awesome creation in her room and we took a photo of it for her Dad who is out of town for work this week. It just looks so cool on her wall. Like a quilt of paper and crayons. Seeing that on her wall was part of the "good stuff" in my day today! I am going to try to get myself to sew on a page one day....  probably in like 5 more years.... but I will do it one day.
In the meantime - just wanted to let you know we are back in town and I will post a couple trip photos soon. It was nice to see Neil's family in South Carolina and then explore the fun town of Charolette. Even though our Chicago Bears lost, the kids were SO CUTE at the game (it was really hot out). We came back to two days off of school because of the extensive flooding in our area and the busses could not get passed. The major expressways in Chicago are closed, and it has caused unreal traffic in our town. We are SO BLESSED that nothing leaked in our home or basement while we were gone. It poured rain for four days straight while we were gone. Our neighbors had basements floodings, and one of them has a brother and uncle (they live next door to each other in a neighboring town) who have not been allowed back into their area and have been told that they both experienced a total loss. I cannot imagine what memories they lost in this crisis - not just all the physical, material things....  but all those photos and memories. My heart hurts for their families. 
I hope you are safe and happy. If you have never sewed on a piece of paper...  try it - it totally rocks. Also, make yourself a note about a few little things you love about your life. Never stop looking for good stuff.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too much Candy, but a really good trip

We are always glad to come home after a trip. Kaya and I especially just miss being home. We are tired, but happy. It was a great trip with lots of happy memories.

Are you making something today???  Even just add a couple items to your "good stuff" list - that is enough. Just do something. I am going to try to unpack and upload the trip photos. That will be MORE than enough for me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank you Mom!

For having me 37 years ago and for everything you gave up in life to be our Mom. I hope you know from Heaven how grateful we are that God let us be your kids. I miss you. More every day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Old Photos that make me happy

Just watching these two crazy kids brush their teeth counts as "good stuff" in my list. Do you have photos of your family doing those every day things like brushing teeth?? 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pillow Fight

When is the last time you had a good old fashioned Pillow Fight with your family? Even if you do not have kids?  Make it happen soon. I know you will love it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When was the last time you spend the night in a blanket fort?

I did the other night (my sore back could prove it). It was awesome. Just me and the girls in the fort all night (Neil tried to help my back by posting up the tent part and inflating an air mattress). It was awesome. They loved it. I love that we are OK with trashing our living room to let them set up every pillow in the house under the fort. I loved it too. I felt lucky to spend the night in there with them.
If a blanket fort in the living room is not "good stuff" then I am not sure what is. This just brings back SO MANY memories from when we were small. I wish I had a photo of the forts we used to make with my parents.