Thursday, September 11, 2008

When was the last time you spend the night in a blanket fort?

I did the other night (my sore back could prove it). It was awesome. Just me and the girls in the fort all night (Neil tried to help my back by posting up the tent part and inflating an air mattress). It was awesome. They loved it. I love that we are OK with trashing our living room to let them set up every pillow in the house under the fort. I loved it too. I felt lucky to spend the night in there with them.
If a blanket fort in the living room is not "good stuff" then I am not sure what is. This just brings back SO MANY memories from when we were small. I wish I had a photo of the forts we used to make with my parents.

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Conchi said...

Oh!! What memories!! You have reason. They're afortunate to have photos of this moments.
Kisses from Spain