Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good stuff came in the mail today....

We just selected and picked out Halloween costumes on Sunday (After looking at about 100 patterns at JoAnns, three Halloween stores, and surfing on line for days)....  they decided to be twin witches!!

You know I love that.  I found them for $10 cheaper EACH when I looked a little harder...  and they already came today!  The kids were so excited. Halloween is our very favorite holiday for many reasons....
1) It is my little brother's birthday
2) Kids can be ANYTHING they want to be that day - no questions asked
3) We all love candy!!!

I know Kaya's is a bit big, but it was 3T-4T or 4T - 6 and I went up because where we live, you could have to layer underneath it. I hated when my Mom made me wear my coat OVER my costume, so I always try to layer under their costumes. 

And, I saw a cute card on Stacy J's site, and I ordered it for myself for my birthday from Curly Girl Designs....  I love this card so much it makes my heart hurt a little....

I totally would have went out of my way to be my Mom's friend if I was not lucky enough to be her kid. I am totally making a page for her tribute album with this card.

Lots have signed up for the Good stuff instructions. Will be working on them and get them to you in the next couple of weeks. THANKS for wanting them. It makes me happy when you want to do stuff like this for your family!!

Here are a couple more photos that will be in my Good Stuff album:
Probably the last frog of the season....  he was HUGE. Kalli loved it - Ky ran away screaming. :) 
 Dad was out of town at a convention and brought back a load of convention give-aways...  the biggest hit was the jester hat!!

I love shots from behind. Ky loves going to "media center" at her school and used Kal's old backpack (which is way too big for her, but she loves it). We play "bus stop" on the way to school on days we drive.... they walk down the driveway holding hands and wait for the bus driver (me) to come pick them up. It is funny how kid who walk to school love the bus and bus riders want to walk! 
Begin gathering ideas and photos for your Good Stuff project. Cannot wait.  


hhockman said...

Just have to comment that I TOTALLY know what you mean about the bus rider/walker (or car rider in our case) thing.

Last year Will (6 yr old) rode the bus for the first half of the year and was estatic when I came to pick him up. This year he is a car rider and every day he asks me if he can ride the bus!

Can't wait for the Good Stuff instructions. Even the cooler weather is on my "good stuff" list right now. :)

Joan said...

Good Stuff! Kristi, I always love your projects! jjohnsen8@comcast.net