Thursday, September 25, 2008

If you are local... come to Redar Park this weekend...

They are having an event called Country-A-Fair with a free petting zoo, games, and music for the kids. I am haivng my first Memories for Everyone booth. I am excited (and sort of nervous, too). I picked up a few of my favorite Once Upon A Family items so people could buy them cash & carry. I just got a box today with one of the new items....  a very cool iron tree I plan to let the kids decorate for each holiday....  It is so much nicer in person than I even thought....  I will post a photo of this tomorrow once I can take it outside in the sunlight.

I have three letter boxes (this is my favorite item - if this is the only thing you ever made for your child, it would be MORE than enough) I had a great workshop in my home with this item.

Three birthday books (another SIMPLE way to have one little place with just one photo of each birthday - this is one you could even try to backtrack if your kids are older - I wish I had this from when I was little - my kids would love to just see one photo of me at their age)

Two Handprint Books (my friend used this to capture her entire family's handprints at their reunion this summer)
And a few other items....  I have a lot to get ready, but I hope it is worth it. I plan to take sign ups for the GOOD STUFF class, hopefully sell some Once Upon A Family items, maybe book a few parties, and take names for the newsletter. It is supposed to be another beautiful day. Kalli is SO EXCITED to help me work my booth. If you need to know where Redar Park is, email me for directions. It is from 11 AM - 4 PM only on Saturday.

If you ever see a Once Upon A Family product you would like, you can email me or order it direct at my site.They have really great stuff that would make incredible gifts. These items are simple and so easy to use - ANYONE can use them and create an amazing memory. If you want me to mail you their mini catalog, send me an email with your address. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Yellow Fence said...

If you don't sell one of those handprint books I want it please. Do you accept coupons?