Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you interested in a Good Stuff class?

I cannot get the idea of a small, simple, GOOD STUFF album out of my head. I want to make it for my family, and possibly offer a kit with  AND maybe just offer instructions in case you simply want to use the stuff you have on hand. I just want to know if any one who reads this would be interested in me doing this so you can do it with me.  It makes a difference how I create it - if I am making a kit, writing instructions or just making it for my girls.

So, please let me know what you think - would you want to be on a list to get instructions OR possibly order a kit? If yes, send me an email or just comment (BE SURE to put your email address in the comment so I can add you to the list). I hope to start my album this weekend, so let me know if I am just doing this for my cute little buggers or if you might want to make it along with me. If you do, I will try to make that happen for those of you who are interested.

Not sure yet exactly how we would do this, but I will be starting sketching it, and you guys let me know if any of you want to outline some of the GOOD STUFF in your life.

Here are a few photos of some of the random GOOD STUFF in my life:


Heather Jarrett said...

I'd be interested. I loved the one summer album, not quite finished yet, but so far love it.

leila said...

Please sign me up..really need to focus on my "good stuff' right now!

hhockman said...

I'd be interested in a Good Stuff album too...and a kit. That's such a good idea. :)

DianaL said...

Please sign me up for your "good stuff" album instructions. What a great idea and a cute little album.

hhockman said...

I can't figure out how to edit, so I'm just adding my email:

Thanks! Can't wait to do it! I've already started thinking about my "good stuff" the BEAUTIFUL fall-like day we had today. :)

Danelle said...

sign me up for this CLASS!!!!!!