Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have never been accused of being hip OR trendy....

And I can prove that by saying something I probably should have said about 5 years ago when it was cool - but, "For the first time ever - I have sewn on paper!!!" And I loved it. Actually, I did it for Kalli, and we created the coolest little project ever. It was so cool. I never did it before because those of you that know me know there is NO WAY I would take the time to get out and thread the machine while making a page! But, man, it was so cool to sew on paper!!!  Easy and super fun. Kalli colored these 1/2 sheets of paper and we sewed them into a quilt - of course, Little bug was not about to miss the fun, so she helped me sew blank pieces together, and she said she will color them later. Man, maybe I should have tried this years ago when the rest of you were doing it! :)
Kal had me hang up her awesome creation in her room and we took a photo of it for her Dad who is out of town for work this week. It just looks so cool on her wall. Like a quilt of paper and crayons. Seeing that on her wall was part of the "good stuff" in my day today! I am going to try to get myself to sew on a page one day....  probably in like 5 more years.... but I will do it one day.
In the meantime - just wanted to let you know we are back in town and I will post a couple trip photos soon. It was nice to see Neil's family in South Carolina and then explore the fun town of Charolette. Even though our Chicago Bears lost, the kids were SO CUTE at the game (it was really hot out). We came back to two days off of school because of the extensive flooding in our area and the busses could not get passed. The major expressways in Chicago are closed, and it has caused unreal traffic in our town. We are SO BLESSED that nothing leaked in our home or basement while we were gone. It poured rain for four days straight while we were gone. Our neighbors had basements floodings, and one of them has a brother and uncle (they live next door to each other in a neighboring town) who have not been allowed back into their area and have been told that they both experienced a total loss. I cannot imagine what memories they lost in this crisis - not just all the physical, material things....  but all those photos and memories. My heart hurts for their families. 
I hope you are safe and happy. If you have never sewed on a piece of paper...  try it - it totally rocks. Also, make yourself a note about a few little things you love about your life. Never stop looking for good stuff.  

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