Sunday, September 28, 2008

A sunshine filled day at the Country-A-Fair

I had my first booth at an event, and it went well.

It was so nice out and people really liked seeing my Once Upon A Family products. The biggest hit was the Gratitude Tree, and I am working on the details to turn it into a class before Thanksgiving because people thought it would make a great centerpiece or great gift. One lady ordered a tree to give to her Mom with a photo of all 14 of her grandchildren on it for Christmas (what a super idea!!!!).

I loved helping people realize that memory keeping is WAY easier than most people make it out to be.  Lisa Schneiter is the lucky winner of this super cool gift bag full of stuff from Yellow Fence, Creative Cafe and Once Upon A Family. I hope she likes it all!
This was a neat event because there was fun stuff for the kids to do from a petting zoo to story telling time. 
On a side note, my good friend asked me if I always let my kids pick out their own clothes....  it made me laugh because I never considered NOT letting them pick (from the time Kal was about 2 - she has always picked out her own clothes). She asked me if it bothered me that people might look at them funny, and I told her not at all.... Heck, Kalli wore two DIFFERENT shoes to school for months when she was 3.... then, this morning as we were about to leave to volunteer at something for the Rotary Club....  this is how they came out dressed..... 
Totally not matching...  odd arm bands, goofy patterns..... and I loved it. Kaya (the little one) said "Yook (look) at me!!  I picked it all out byself!!!"  I was just so happy that they love themselves enough to just do what they love. I wish I could give them the ability to never lose that confidence.....   

Look for my e-newsletter this week. Thanks for checking out this little blog. I appreciate you clicking on me!

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leateach said...

I love the gratitude tree!!! I would definantly do that if you made it a class! :) :)