Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I hate to admit it, but I hate change. I think I fear it actually. I like consistency and change messes all that up. So the other day my friend Shannon in Florida asked me if our leaves were changing yet because her son needed some fall leaves for school. I told her I did not think many had changed yet, but that we would look. Well, we looked on the way scootering to school today and I was STUNNED at how many leaves had changed right before my eyes and I failed to notice. Most of the trees still look totally green if you look UP at them....  but looking down was incredible....  so much color, so many fallen leaves...  so much change RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES and I was missing it.
What other things are changing in front of me and I am missing it???  This question gripped me as I pulled Kaya home in the wagon (stopping every few feet to gather some fallen leaves).  I almost became overwhelmed at all the changes happening my life every single day. I almost needed to come home and take a nap to stop thinking about all the things in my life that I cannot control....  a very interesting, nerve wrecking, and thoughtful way to start our day.  
Then Kaya grabbed this batch of flowers, pulled one off and said, "You know Mom, I was as small as just one of the flowers when I was a wittle (little) baby." And I almost cried. That is true you know - she was that small once. How the heck did she change so much right in front of my watchful eyes? Have I missed it? It made me wonder. I really need to take a look to make sure I am capturing the little things before more leaves fall off the tree.... 

Now, on a lighter note...  How stinking cute is this Mini-Kalli we created for her classroom??  It even stood up because we added a cardboard easel I had lying around to the back of it. It kind of freaked me out seeing it stand all over my house. (The girls kept moving it from room to room because they knew it freaked me out.)

The weather here changed SO QUICKLY from around 80 this weekend to 59 degrees this morning. I am betting this is one of the last photos I will have of the kids playing with their beloved sidewalk chalk for a while...  I am grateful I ran in to grab the camera this weekend....  Man, I need a nap thinking about all this change. Hope you are capturing the little things that are happening today that might be changed tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post! I hate change too, and seeing my 4 year old daughter growing up so fast freaks me out. We should all just slow down and absorb these precious years while they are happening.