Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making Frames...

I have a booth again this weekend to promote Memories for Everyone...  talking to people about on-line classes, local workshops, and Once Upon A Family products....  I love showing these products to people because most of them wish they had something - but their children are getting bigger and bigger and they have not really made anything. These products fill my heart with a sense of peace that I have already left behind something that matters!  My friend suggested having something cute to actually sell on site to get people to stop in the booth for longer (I totally never would have thought of that) so I decided to make some frames and see if they sell....  I made them quickly, but I thought they came out OK. Thanks, Jen, for the idea. :)
If you are local - I will have a booth at the Lincoln Center in Highland at an event on Saturday from 9 - 4 and Sunday from 11 - 3. Hope to see you there.

I hope anyone reading this takes 10 minutes this weekend to make notes on life right now. You will never be sorry!

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