Friday, October 3, 2008

Booth tomorrow....

Neil, the girls, and I went to set up my booth for an event this weekend tonight....  I loved setting it up the night before which will make the morning so much more relaxing....  I did not bring my camera.... but I loved the booth today. It is so much better than last time. I will be sure to take some photos tomorrow.

Here is the frame I actually put photos in for display...  I love Kaya's little face.

And, little kids are so cool. Kal and Kaya simply brought a bag of straws..  yes, drinking straws....  and played with them over and over and even invited new little friends they made to play with them. For over an hour the girls and two new friends made things, played with, and enjoyed a 99 cent bag of straws...  I love little kids. I love how they just instantly asked anyone small to play with them. Listenting to them made me proud. I am very lucky. Very very lucky in my life. Enjoy your weekend.

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