Friday, May 30, 2008

"the end" by Kalli

Kalli had her last day at Kindergarten today. Yeah, it made me cry. I was stunned at just how much BIGGER and OLDER and MORE GROWN UP she seemed than she did back on the first day 9 months ago. How did that happen in just one school year? It amazes me. Here are a few photos of her on the first day in August - followed by some we took today. (On her very first day, she wore the pink hello kitty shirt, not the uniform, so we have some "first day" photos in uniform that were technically the 2nd day!) WOW. I love that I take so many photos so I can freeze time and put it side by side and appreciate the changes. We are working on pages to complete an album for her teacher and Kalli titled the last page (it will have a class photo from today) "the end". She always makes me cry a little. They have an assembly on Monday and she told me I will bawl like a baby. She knows me, huh?

I am so grateful I know how to take little steps to capture these moments before they are gone. I sure would love to see a photo of me on my first or last day of kindergarten. I cannot wait to put these into the school album.

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