Friday, May 2, 2008

A miracle happened this week...

I am sure many miracles happened this week around the world, but I wanted to share this one with you....

Lori and Chris Coble lost their 3 children (Katie 2 years old, Emma 4 years old and Kyle had just turned 5 on May 3rd) last year on May 4th. This tragedy stuck with me in an inexplicable way. I looked at all their photos, prayed for them, sent them Angel Catchers for each child. I was stunned that this family lost everything while Mindy and I flew to a dream trip to Argentina. The mom and grandma were in the van and they survived. This family taught me a lot about patience and love and about simply LOVING the mess the kids make because they are here to make it. Since this day I have tried to simply be glad my kids are here to make the mess rather than panic about the mess they are making. There have been hundreds of times throughout the last year that I have thought "What would Lori give for this moment?" And my heart ached for them.

Lori and Chris decided early on that they could not imagine life without children, and they wanted to have another shot at being happy in this life so they did InVitro and ended up pregnant with triplets – if you can believe it – two girls and one boy. We have prayed for these children every day – just prayed that God would bring them into the world safely, and He did. He brought all three into the world this week – right before the anniversary of that awful day.
Here is the article with more information:

I just had to make sure you all knew that Lori and Chris now have three babies to love. It will never replace what was… but it sure gives them hope for happiness in the future. Please say a prayer for what you have, and for these babies being brought into the world safely this week.

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome story! Glad you shared it!

This is very belated but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class you and Danelle did at Scrap Etc. I haven't done by album yet but I will - I promise!
I also took a class you too at a CKU for Cropper Hopper - it was my favorite class of the entire event and I still pull out and read some of the info and suggestions you gave us.
You are a fantastic speaker and very motivational - I hope you continue to provide inspiration and motivation to scrapbookers through classes.

Have a great weekend! Lynn (furrball)