Saturday, May 24, 2008

Something to think about....

A good friend of mine, Michele from Photo Express sent me a link to this poem today and I really enjoyed it. My other good friend Danelle has really taught me this past year or two to think positive thoughts and not waste time on negative things and it really has made me a happier person every day. My best friend Shannon sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) makes fun of us, but she believes it, too. If you look for the best in things, most often you will find it. I mean, we all know terribly bad things happen to really really good people all the time - that is just the nature of life. But, how you react to it, and what you choose to spend your time thinking about REALLY impacts how you feel each day. I am also reading the short cut version of Don't Sweat The Small Stuff that I found at Hallmark (I tried to find a link, but I guess you can only get it at Hallmark Stores in the gift book section - it is 100 of the Best Inspriations from the Best-Selling Small Stuff series - the best of the best from all of Richard Carlson's awesome books!). I love that little book. Most of it is amazingly obvious -but things you really do not think about.... like, if you spend time thinking bad thoughts about someone, you could be wasting the last moments of your life on that instead of enjoying the people you love..... I just really like reading it, because it reminds me that life is NOW. I love my memories and I pray for a happy, healthy future, but today really just might be all I have. And I accept that, and I try so hard now to appreciate each moment. Anyway, this poem was fabulous so here it is:

Rules for a Perfect Day
Author: Tom Hopkins
Just for today...

I will try to live and delight in the reality of being alive. My past is forever gone, my future an uncertainty, so I will be happy and thankful for each moment.I will not allow negative input into my mind...happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy.

I will be thankful to God for my health, my loved ones, my business, and my country. I will also be thankful for any pain in crisis that helps me grow because God has said, be thankful in all things.I will take care of my body, realizing the importance of the words moderation and balance, knowing that as I bring my flesh under control, how much easier it will be to control my will and my actions.I will treat everyone I meet today the way I would like to be treated. I will strive to have them like themselves better when they’re with me.

I will avoid gossip, jealousy, and negative thinking. Most people don’t think about what they think about. Today, I will make a conscious effort to hold loving and beautiful thoughts in my mind.I will write down my priorities; thinking of my loved ones and my responsibilities. I may not get everything done, but I will do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.

I will strive to humble myself before others, controlling my ego and making other people feel important.I will spend time in study, learning how to better serve my fellowman. I know my growth in all areas is in direct proportion to the service I give to others.

I will not take rejection personally. I am first and foremost in the people business and, thus, realize they can only reject my proposal and not me. I will keep on keepin’ on.I will spend time in prayer, asking God to let others see the light of His shining love through me.
©Copyright 1976 Tom Hopkins International, Inc.

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