Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grateful for a wonderful day

We were blessed to have 6 Chinese College students come to our home today for a peek into life of an American family (not sure we were the best choice for that... but my brother was in charge of their group, and we only live 90 minutes from Purdue University... so we were the best choice he had I guess!!). Kalli worked all morning on hand making them each a sign with their name on it. She was so cute about it. Today was just amazing. We had a nice cook out and they loved playing games in the basement my dad finished when he lived with us. They LOVED my girls and my girls LOVED all the attention. I took photos all day long and ran into my office and printed them as we went along, so when they left, I handed them each a Cropper Hopper 4 x 6 photo holders (I totally love these) full of about 30 photos from the day. YEAH for my Epson printer - ran through an entire ink pack, and LOVED letting them walk out of our home with photos they will have forever.

After they left, my family swam and Kal swam up to me and told me that between these kids and the two Australian Group Study Exchange girls we had with us earlier this summer - "This has totally been the best summer of my whole life." Cannot really ask for more than that. I am so grateful they have gotten to meet people from other parts of the world. When I think back, I think until I left for College, I might never have met someone who actually lived in another country. Amazing opportunity for us to have these guests today. And, they were such good, sweet students.

At the end of the night - we always ask the girls "What was your favorite part of the day?" And Kalli said "I had such a great day, I cannot even really pick - but I guess it was making 6 new friends from China. Even though we will never see them again, they will always be our friends, right??" And I told her yes, they will. What an amazing day for our family.
I hope your weekend is full of fun memories, too.


Yellow Fence said...

Did you put the camera on the front of the boat???? That's my new favorite trick.

CindyML said...

LOVING that Epson printer. I have been printing one or two pics each day and putting into our little summer journal. What a fun day for your family and pictures for the students to take with them. Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

This is Liu, glade to see these pictures here. we have been back to china. Thanks for your kindness and we all love your cute and smart daughters. we will treasure the memories forever. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristi. This is Song. ^0^
Thank you for everything you did for us. These pictures remind me again of all the fun we had together. A couple of days ago, I bought a brand-new album particularly for my copy of pictures. My parents, especially my mother, keep saying how cute Kalli and Kaya are when having a look at the photos. Also, they are greatly marveled at your perfect and professional photographing skills.
I'll cherish all the photos and memories. Although we live in different part of the world, just as Kalli said, we'll be friends forever.
Many thanks to you and your husband, Granny, lovely Kalli and Kaya. And please tell Kaya that I miss her very much and that I hope she will enjoy everyday in her life.
Best wishes to all of you.^_^