Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Please tell me

That you guys are creating wonderful memories for your family.....  I hope you are. I am in SUCH a funk about Kalli going back to school that I cannot create anything without crying....  what is that???  I am simply printing photos of us on our Colorado Journey and tears are pouring down my face. I feel so lucky to have taken this trip with them....  but looking at the photos is making me sad.  Here are a few photos of the journal I created along our journey. My Uncle made fun of me the entire time, because as my Aunt drove the van, I journaled about what we just did and stuck in ticket stubs. I love it because it came home almost complete, and I just need to stick in photos (if I can stop crying as I print them). Ugh. I hope this is a weepy phase that goes away soon. Maybe I just need a nap! :)

So, I guess I made this on Monday, but posted on Tuesday....  still counts, right? :)  Remember - it is not always about how fancy you make it - just that you make it at all. I love these journals - messily written in a moving van and train and all....  not going to win any awards, but my girls will have them to relive our journey, and I think that really matters! :)

OK, I added a few more photos before I went to sleep. I sure do love these kids. Scrapbooking makes me happy.
I sure do love these little faces and feel lucky to have been with them on this journey. And I feel a little happier tonight knowing I have recorded how much I love them in this journal.

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