Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Journaling Question

Someone emailed me and asked me to explain how I do my journaling on the computer...
This was my response...
 I simply use Word (computer progam) for my journaling. I know you are "supposed to" write everything my hand, but I know I would never tell the whole story unless I typed it.
I simply measure the space I have for journaling after I lay out my photos on the page.
I open a blank document in WORD.
I set the paper size to be the space I have available for my jounrnaling and I set the smallest margins I can...  usually .5 for each margin.

If I measure that I have about 3" wide by 6" high for journaling on a page...
I hope a new blank document
I go to PAGE SETTINGS and tell the printer that I am working with a page size of only 3" x 6"
I adjust the margins to .5 for top, bottom, right, and left
I type my journaling and pick a font I love
I print it on white typing paper first to check sizing and make any needed changes
I then usually print directly on the paper I am using for my page

I rely on my computer journaling so much that I carry a tiny portable printer with me to crops. I do try to hand write things on pages and in books so they can see my writing....  and I know some people would tell me I am wrong to use the computer...  but, remember, I am not scrapping to win any awards or follow any rules...  I make pages to tell stories for my girls about their lives right now. The best way for me to do that is to use the computer, and for me, that makes it wonderful. I never try to tell people to do things a certain way - I just want you all to do SOMETHING rather than nothing at all.

If you have questions about how I do this on the computer, email me and I will try to help you.

Remember, I am NOT saying that you should all do your journaling on the computer....  I am just answering a question and letting you know that the right way to do things is simply the way it works for you.

Here are a few photos because you know I cannot do a post without a photo.....  here are some samples of pages I have journaled using my computer.... 

This is not a great photo, but this page has computer AND hand journaling on it
Another example of some computer and some hand journaling....
Remember, I never feel like I have to do things one way or the other....  I just do what works for ME as I am making that page. I do not let myself feel pressured to make things a certain way, in a certain order, or with certain products. I just make things that I think will matter to my family one day. That simply makes me happy. Please do things in a way that makes you happy. Nothing more, nothing less.
Have a super day.

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