Monday, November 17, 2008

Katie just won the awesome purse!!

Thank you to everyone who commented. I was so glad it was not just one little person! I am grateful to have read your thoughts on kindness. It made my heart feel happy.

Speaking of a happy heart. Little Kaya just pulled the name - and the winner is KATIE. I went to her name in comments to find her email and I read about how she had her first birthday without her dad yesterday. It broke my heart and I felt SO HAPPY that Kaya pulled her name to get her a belated birthday gift. I get so sad on my birthday without my Mom. I am so happy she won this cool bag the day after that hard day! Way to go little Kaya! Great pull!

Hope you all are making something this Monday. I have not made anything yet, but I am going to sew bags with Kal when she gets home! Will post a photo of her tomorrow.

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