Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making Gifts with Kalli

I had a rough day - there was very little foot traffic at the show I attended today. It always makes me sad when I spend an entire day to sell nothing when my family really is counting on me to bring in some extra money for the holidays. It just makes me sad - plus, I think I am getting a sinus infection which makes me want to go lie down....  well, with two little ones who missed me all day, that never happens!!  Neil's birthday is in a couple of weeks, and Kalli was all excited to make him a surprise today. He never reads my blog, so I can post it here and he will never see it.  She designed the project (album and journal from her and her sister, dug out and picked the paper and the ribbon, even picked the Cricut font and cut it all herself. I was sending an email, and she was behind me holding it just like this - she glued the letters on herself and even reached up and got my brayer to make sure they stuck.

They also picked out an awesome gift for him at Target - it made me smile when they both LOVED it and were dying to get it for him. I will post that once he opens in because if Kal sees a photo of it on here, she will be mad! :) 

We will pick a winner tonight and post it first thing tomorrow. So, if you have not commented to win the purse yet - do it soon!

Also thanks to sister who came in town this weekend and took my kids and our grandma to a special lunch (where you throw peanuts on the floor - Kaya's favorite place in town) and mini golfing at the mall. Everyone had a nice time, and it was great for Busia to love on the great grand babies for an afternoon. 

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