Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kaya's last day as a three year old...

I am stunned that in a few hours my baby will be 4!! 
How did she get so big? These are a few terrible quick photos of a few pages I made (darn, why did I not go digital sooner so I had her birth digital instead of in boxes in the basement???).
This is her still in my belly - we are at the hospital checking in.

These are her first photos. We missed these with Kalli because she was an emergency C and Kaya was a planned C (so much calmer the 2nd time). I love these photos. I love them so much that looking at them hurts my heart.

And this is Kaya meeting my Mom. My wonderful Mom who I miss SO MUCH every day and especially on special occasions that I know she would have LOVED. She loved her grandchildren more than earth. Thank goodness she was here to see them be born. But I cannot help but think about how much I wished she had at least made it to see Kaya turn one. Much less four. And, how can it be that she has been gone that long??  Ugh. It breaks my heart.
Sorry for the glare on these photos..  I have too much to do to take them out of the page protectors, but you get the point.
And this is her this weekend more than excited to show me her BIG OLD FOUR fingers. I beg her daily to "stay little" and she says, "But Mommy, I have to turn four and then five and then six and then thirty seven like you." And when I pretend to cry she adds, "But don't worry, I will still love you and waffles when I am four." 
Ahhhhh, I love that kid and I love being her Mom.

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Denise said...

Awww... I know what you mean...it is a bittersweet celebration. Happy Birthday From Kendall!!