Friday, February 13, 2009

Our very own ice skating princess....

Kalli took ice skating this winter instead of winter indoor soccer to try something new. She loved it, and she did a great job staying on her little feet! I told her I would not take her home until she landed a triple Lutz...  she thought I was insane. I got out my BIG lens (70 - 210) which I had not done since I went digital. It worked SO WELL at the rink, and I am stunned at myself for not getting it out sooner. I loved it and the pictures were great. Here are just a few of the tons I took that day:
And never one to miss out on a photo opportunity....  Kaya wanted me to take some of her: 
And I caught her cheering on her sister giving her the THUMBS UP while yelling "Go sissy. Go faster. You can do it sissy!!" I love that Kaya has spent her lifetime on the sidelines with Busia. Never complaining, just cheering on her big sister. 
On the way out of skating, we ran into Kalli's boyfriend since she was 2 years old (they met and fell in love at daycare when they were both 2). They are both so much taller now...  and they are even shy around each other now. It was cute and sort of sad that they both grew up so much. 
And, here is the downfall to having a zoom lens on the camera. Kaya desperately wanted to take a picture of me....  and I moved as far back as I could, and this is all she got: 
Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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