Friday, May 1, 2009

7 years ago today...

I became a Mom. Almost exactly right now was when Kal was born. I cannot believe it was 7 years ago already. It seems like I cannot even remember life NOT as a Mom.  I have SO MANY fun photos to post from her awesome Rock Star Fashion party....  but it is a beginning of a crazy weekend. Here are just a few photos from the HUNDREDS I took at the party....
Kalli totally designed her own cake. She drew it out and wanted a "mountain cake" (the barbie style cake without the Barbie in it) and drew out the colors and everything). It was exactly what she wanted. I loved that she designed it by herself.

12 friends had their hair and nails done and tried on clothes and then danced like rock stars.
These are the booklets I made each kid. They have a page (kind of trading card style) for each kid in each book (so each kid got 12 kid pages plus some extras). I shot photos and had them printing while the party was going on. I printed and stuck them into the booklets before they left. The Moms loved it, and it was FREE because I had all the stuff to make them. I LOVE MY BIND-IT-ALL!!  These totally rocked. Kalli loves it!

Our traditional family shot with all four of us by the cake. To be honest, we TOTALLY forgot to take it (I was too busy printing photos for the booklets) so I took it after the party with the 1/2 of cake that was left. We are actually holding the cake together for the shot. I love that we got it, even though it was so late!!

Before school we covered Kal's arm in tatoo wraps left over from her party. I loved them going all the way up her arm, of course, we did it for Kaya, too. :)
The Monster Cookies we brought to Kal's class. Kaya and I stayed for a while and helped her pass them out (and I took a bunch of pictures of course).  The class LOVED them.

This is Kal and Kaya at her desk sharing their monster cookies. Kaya was so well behaved, and Kalli's friends LOVED having her there to hang out with them. It has a been an awesome day so far...  and we just snuck her out of school to take her to lunch, and we are headed to a nice dinner out with Friends in Indy tonight. (We are running - Neil - and walking - Me - the Mini Marathon - 13.1 miles - this weekend). I am simply thrilled to be her Mom, and I love that we make a HUGE DEAL out of every birthday. Each one is a miracle in my mind.


Tracy said...

How did you make the cake? I love it!

CindyML said...

give us directions on the monster cookies and an up close pic of a single cookie so we can see the details, please. What a fun party!