Monday, May 25, 2009

A clean pantry makes me SOOOOO happy!

I HAVE HAD THIS READY TO POST FOR A WEEK, and blogger no longer accepts my photos. I have no clue why...  anyway, I was told to get a flickr account and try to post that way...  so we will see if this works....  I hope you can see my clean pantry!

OK, my friend just came over and said this is a sign that I have a problem.... 
I happen to think it is a good problem.

I am reading the book The Eat Clean Diet and I love it. I have learned more about food and what my family should be eating in the last week than I have learned in a lifetime of stressing about weight and food!!  It is well written and very inspiring to me because it will not be easy, but I am going to clean up our eating. I want to be a strong example for the girls so they learn this stuff NOW and they can not have to worry like I have over the years.

So... onto the pantry. We are blessed with a big pantry. It started organized and was not horrible, but it has lost its true sense of order, and we simply had too much crap in it. I took EVERY SINGLE THING out yesterday. It felt GREAT to get it all out. Then, today, I got some organizers from Target, and I put everything we kept (and lots of new, much CLEANER foods) back in. I love it. I kind of want to sleep in there on a cot if I could fit! :)

And, earlier in the week, I attacked the fridge and freezer, too. I got new storage containers that all work together and that you can see through because we will become MUCH better at using leftovers to ensure that we get protein in between meals....  anyway, here are some fridge shots.

If you have struggled with weight or health issues...  it might be good for you to look at this book. I finished the EAT CLEAN book and just got (used on Amazon for only $2.00) the Eat Clean for Families and Kids. I love it, too. I have the EAT CLEAN COOKBOOK coming soon. (also used from Amazon for $2.00).  Even if I fail miserably at Clean Eating...  I have a nice looking fridge and pantry due to my efforts! :)

Hope you all had a productive Saturday. :)

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