Friday, May 8, 2009

Little by little

I am trying to take better care of myself. I lost a good dal of weight on Weight Watchers, but then I stopped working out and stopped counting points, and I put it all right back on. Go figure! I mean, this is not brain surgery type stuff. It is not that hard to understand, but for some reason, I have struggled with weight my whole life. Well, I decided to give WW another try, but I cannot afford to attend the meetings, so my sister got me a three-month journal and I have counted points for about a month now. I am happy to say I am down about 6 and hope for many, many more. I wanted to show you my WW journal and how I made it my own, and I hope it inspires me to keep using it many times a day. I used to use the weekly booklets, and I loved them. My sister (who has been a WW lifetime member for a long time) swears that I will have more success with the three-month booklet. And, who am I to not try since she bought it for me, right?? :)

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