Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 61st Birthday Mom!

Today my mom would have turned 61. We sent her balloons to heaven with Busia and the grandchildren. I was glad the children surrounded Busia today to keep her from being absorbed by her sadness.

We tie-dyed and finished up lots of other projects. We had my niece and nephew for the past 7 days. I have a whole new respect for people with four kids. Whew - I am tired.

Here are the albums we sent them home with....  over 400 pictures in just one week. Not bad.

And, I know this last image is sideways, but I am having computer issues and cannot get the program open to flip it. I just wanted you to see how I simply stuck in the photos. I had the grand idea of writing note on the side lines...  but I was lucky to get this done to this point and was still printing and sticking in all the photos from today as my sister was packing up her kids in the car. I loved sending her home with all of these memories organized and in one place for her kids to have forever.

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