Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three more pages on people I LOVE!

How cool is it to make a page telling someone you love just how much you love them. Ahhhhh, it makes my heart feel happy. Do you realize the importance of that page one day?I mean, in the day to day business of life, that one page might not seem to matter.... but one day, it will become a cherished memory. I am 100% certain that you making the time to make a simple page about how much you love someone will mean the world to them either tomorrow or 10 years down the road. Here are the three I made today... one for each girl, and one for Busia. All of them super simple, all of them DONE! That is the best part. Putting them into the book and shutting it. Then, opening it back up and reading it again. And sometimes again, and again and again. :) I know they are all really simple, but that never makes them any less meaningful. Tomorrow is Make Something Monday.... can you make something meaningful for someone?

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