Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No More Tonsils for Kalli!

Ok, this post is NOT for the faint of heart. It has one rather nasty picture that I happen to love, but others might not be so impressed!!  So, before you scroll....  BEWARE! :)

Kal got her tonsils out today - she did so well. She is such a cool, tough kid. We are home, and she is eating popsicles and resting. I am about to get her down for a nap, but I wanted to post a couple pictures so you can see how simply cool she is....

Papa Vern came to bring a surprise and check on his grandbaby!

Right after she woke up - the nurses could not beleive how calm and happy she was the entire time.

Kal and her super nice doctor.

The first of MANY popsicles. :)

She was so excited to go home!
NOW - do not look at what comes next if you have a weak belly...  these are her tonsils! YEP - I asked the doctor to take a picture for me, and THEY DID! I know, it is gross, but you have to admit - it still is pretty cool, too. She is doing well and hopefully the chronic strep that never goes away will stop soon!

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