Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our new art journals...

Kalli had an amazing report card. In the spirit of trying to Eat Clean and stay healthy, I have tried to NOT give dinners out and ice cream as rewards...  so, I offered her a chance to get an art supply of her choice. Happily she picked an Art Journal. We picked it out today and devoted some time to getting both of our Art Journals started. (I have had mine for a while...  and never made time to start it). We made a HUGE mess in the kitchen while listening to great music and having a wonderful time.

 I also got her a GREAT idea book called 1000 Artist Journal Pages....  she loved it. It was so much more fun than fattening old ice cream! :)

She is so artistic in her style. She has WAY more artistic courage than I do for sure. She painted RIGHT over this picture she had me take of her:

And on this one, she painted over her hair. Man, I was impressed by what she did. Hers were better than mine! She traced and cut out her hand for this one and used her ONE WORD of the year - she thought up her word all by herself. I cannot imagine this kid when she is 13. She amazes me daily at 7.
Here are my pages I did so far - I am learning about watercolor because I have never used it before. It is fun to use, and all of it is a bit messier than I like to be, but fun, too!!

I have a big learning curve when it comes to all the new mediums we have picked up lately...  watercolors in tubes, pastels, watercolor pencils, and charcol pencils. All of it seems so much fun. And, it is WAYYYYY more fun having an art buddy to experiement with. While we were cleaning up for dinner, she said "Wow - that was so much fun. Good thing I got good grades, huh?"

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