Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They sure love BARBIE

My Mom hated Barbie. Kalli kept saying how she wishes my Mom was here to come to this with them "Because she would totally hate it and it would be sooooo fun to tease her!" I love that my kid knew how to tease my Mom so early in life. In fact, just a few days before my Mom died, Kalli decided that she had to get her a Barbie in a Blue dress for Christmas. (It is NOT easy to find the lover of all things pink - BARBIE - in a blue dress two days before Christmas, but we did, and it was the last gift Nana opened that day. She actually was buried with the doll in her casket because Kalli told me that it would make her crazy forever holding a Barbie doll!!) Anyway, they both LOVED the exhibit. I really wish my Mom could have been there with them. From walking the Barbie Catwalk to answering the phones... they enjoyed it all so much.

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