Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love Library of Memories

I am currently taking a class called Library of Memories by Stacy Julian. I love it.
I have read her book and sort of took the class before (did not do well actually following through with it). I had already moved my style into the concepts of having four main binders...  Things We Do, Places We Go, All About Us, People We Love. I also have Sisters as a binder.

I bought new binders (which I love) and today I made my divider pages. Here is a picture of my main binder cover pages.  I will add pictures as I get more sorted so I have a variety of ages in the cover page.
Here is a shot of my inside tabs. The papers match my binder color (well, not perfectly, but I am so over the need for scrapbooking perfection). I have them in the binders and am moving my pages in now. I LOVE IT.
I even have purchased a black binder for annual Halloween costume pictures and a red one for Annual Christmas Card and Santa photos.  I have three 8 x 8 binders, too. For FAVORITE pictures of Kalli and Kaya and one for the annual Daddy Daughter Dance pictures. I got all the divider pages completed for ALL OF THEM today. GO me!

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