Monday, April 26, 2010


This is what Kaya yells out about every 10 yards when we are driving down the road. She simply cannot pass a field of dandelions without trying to make us stop so she can go pick them. She loves those flowers so much, and we take the back roads to school - there are a lot of un-mowed lawns back there, so she yells it out a lot. Today, even though we were rushing home from work for our first practice game, I stopped the car. She could not believe it. She said "Do I really get to get out?" She was so excited. And I got the best pictures and she had the best time. I am so glad I stopped the car! I love that top image - it makes me think my mom is smiling down on her from Heaven as she happily picks those flowers.

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tammy vangen said...

Okay, Kristi! I haven't stopped by here in forever! I LOVE that picture of Kaya with the streaming down! You are the coolest mom ever!!! Kalli's birthday party looked soooo fun! I love you Labeled Albums - so cool! You are such an inspiration! I haven't been creative in forever!!! I miss you! I am glad to see that it looks like you are all doing great! I cannot believe that Kalli is 8 years old already! WOW!!!