Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To be five years old again....

Kaya came RUNNING into the house this weekend telling me that I had to come and see "the best thing EVER!" She was out of breath from running to get me. She ran me all the way back to this hill behind our house that leads into a retention area.... she was jumping for joy because she had searched the yard for dandelions and only found a few.... then, Daddy showed her that the unmowed hill was FULL of them. She was soooo excited. She said "Isn't this the most beutiful hill ever?" I love how she sees a hill of weeds as something of amazing beauty. I wish she would always feel that way. She needed more flowers because her and her sister were making a project on the driveway. I hated that we had to move it to get the cars into the garage. At least I have the pictures.

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