Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cake Pops

I am not even sure why I thought it would be smart to try this.... but I saw a video on line and the girls and I attempted to make CAKE POPS today. It was a lot harder than the video, but it was a whole lot of fun, too. We loved it. The girls thought it was great. They want to go to the local book signing for this lady's book to ask her how she got this idea and how she made it look so easy. It took an hour to clean the kitchen, but the memories were totally worth it.

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CindyML said...

Kristi - making a comment here on two things. LOVE cake balls. Haven't tried putting them on a stick. I am with you, sounds easier than it is. The chocolate/chocolate cake balls were way too sweet even for me! The funfetti cake with vanilla icing was just right. We made them yesterday and will 'dip' them tonight.

Second question for you. A couple years back at a scrapbook retreat in Nashville (cannot think of the name of event), you and Danielle Johnson taught a class and you raved about your EPSON personal printer. I bought one - love it. But now I found I cannot buy the print packs anymore locally (Target). EPSON has discontinued the machine and I hope they are not discontinuing the print packs. I have found some print packs on Amazon. Where do you purchase yours... online or locally. I am in a panic because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that machine! Thanks so much, CindyML