Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making a difference...

I am not having the best morning... just a lot going on for me right now.... so I was sort of feeling bad for myself which I totally believes only brings about more sadness.... and then at work (I work in my dad's construction office) I checked my email and got the following message from a kind lady who took our class at Scrap Etc.... it made my day so much brighter to know she "gets it" now and that Danelle and I talking to all those people at least mattered to her. That somehow made my day much brighter.... Thanks to Dusty for taking time to send me this email EXACTLY when I needed it. I am so proud of her for what she is now creating for her family!!

I have already used my creative cafe book to create a 2008 journal and I am keeping up with the things our family is doing. I am loving it! In just a short time, I caught up Jan-March (which I have not scrapped in 12x12 format, by the way) and I am loving adding April items as they happen. I caught my son looking through it the other night - I love it when they take an interest! He was really tickled with being able to recount our activities and talk about how much fun we had and the best part of that day. I am writing down things spur of the moment that I would never remember 6 months from now when I finally get time for the 12x12 layout. You guys hit the nail on the head for me. I desperately want to track it all but I just cannot with the time I have (work full-time). This model has completely freed me! Now I do not feel the pressure of the piling up layouts I am behind on... In fact I don't even have to scrap them at all if I do not want to! This format is more portable - I can tuck my book, a pen, and some adhesive in a bag and I am ready to go! Sorry to bother you with all the details but just wanted you to know that you had a big impact for me!
Take care!

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