Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks for reading this!

I am so happy that more than two people read this! I am happy anytime anyone comes to this site. I hope down the road, once I figure this all out, I can inspire you to make SOMETHING THAT MATTERS rahter than nothing at all. I am working on a newsletter and getting in all the addresses from the amazing Scrap Etc event.... I hope it emails out mid may.

Anyway, I have had people ask me about the Letter Box workshop I did in my home last Friday.... it was amazing. People came to make a booklet on one of their kids. With the bigger picture concept that you spend just two hours a year for 21 years making a booklet for your child at every age.... it can start NOW - even if they are already 4 or 14. Just go from here forward. I would give A LOT to have even just one little booklet from any age from my Mom. You summarize some traits of that child right now at this age... and you write them a letter. That is it - nothing hard at all. Here are some photos of the one I did for Kaya. I am working on the one for Kalli because she turns offically 6 on Thursday! Thanks for taking time out of your day to look at this site. I appreciate it very much.

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Dawn said...

Well I'm here to tell you your party was a success on Friday night and I can't wait to have mine on the 15th!! You are right about the booklets...I did both of mine in about 2 hours, of course I've been thinking about what I want to say for 3 days but that is besides the point. Thank you for all your creative input, you are simply amazing and I do not say that to many people. Actually I don't think I've said that to anyone but my kids!