Monday, May 19, 2008

If only my girls could have the kind of friend one day

who sends them a blender in their time of need. :) I know to the average person, that might not sound like all that big of a deal. But, to me, last week, when I really needed someone to do something to help me, my friend Shannon ordered me a blender off of (I guess it is a site that has one smoking cool thing for sale a day....). My sister was having a rough week and I needed to go there to help her. Shannon knew I needed someone to somehow help me, and she knew I needed a blender and POOF this fantastic blender showed up for a great deal on WOOT and now I own it. Well, the girls and I tested it out tonight with a Milkshake MixOff! It was a blast.
Back to the friend thing.... I pray my daughters have just one friend in their lives like Shannon. Every single day she is the type of friend I could only hope to be.

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Yellow Fence said...

Ok, this almost made me cry... but I'm not Danelle :) Keep that blender handy, we'll be using it this weekend. :)