Sunday, May 11, 2008

Motherless Daughters...

It is humbling to realize that when my Mom was alive I LOVED Mother's day. I thought it was just an awesome day to really get everyone to focus on their amazing Moms. It never ONCE entered my head how terribly sad this holiday is when your Mom is no longer with you. I feel bad for all those years I happily shopped for special, thoughtful gifts for my Mom when the person standing right next to me could be motherless. I wish I had had more compassion for those without Moms on this now sad day. And, before my Mom passed away, I honestly had this odd belief that because we were good, honest, fun, loving people that we were somehow protected from sheer tragedy. I had no concept how many terrible things happen every day to really good people. I wish I had been more aware and more compassionate towards people who might have needed it over the years. All I can say now is that if your Mom is alive - call her today. Write her a note thanking for random things she did for you over the years. Take a hint from a FANTASTIC book I just read called "An Hour To Live, An Hour To Love" and make it a point in your life to let people you love know. I know you think they know.... but do they really know why you love them so much?

I had written literally hundreds of cards, post cards, and letters to my Mom letting her know how amazing I thought she was and I constantly told her how proud and lucky I was to be her kid. I still I could go back in time and write more. It is NEVER too late to start letting people know how much you love them TODAY. Right now. Please do not wait.

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