Friday, May 16, 2008

"Best Mother's Day Gift I Have Ever Received"

That is what I already had SIX moms tell me about the workshop I created for Dads and Kids for Mother's Day. We made a SIMPLE album with just a few pages and one photo. They also received date cards and journaling cards from now through 2027 so all they have to do is simply take ONE photo of the mom with the kids on Mother's Day and it will end up being an incredible family heirloom full of 20 years of photos of the mom and kids on her special day!

One Mom told me she felt sad for any Mom whose husband chose not to get them this wonderful gift. She said that Flowers Die and Candy makes her Fat, and this gift will last forever. She loved it. Most of the moms thought it was just incredible. Here are some photos of what was created at the fun workshop.... if you are interested in creating this for yourself or others, please email me and I can create and ship you out a kit like this based on any holiday. Also, I just set up a Father's Day workshop so we will be doing the same thing with a cute Father's Day album. Create a gift your husband will love forever....

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