Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another quick little meaningful gift

If I did only one thing with this blog and site... I hope that it makes at least a few people realize how easy it is to create something that is meaningful. You all know you are not coming here to learn from a famous author or get cutting edge techniques... anyone reading this knows I only know how to be what I am.... simple, meaningful and pretty darn quick at creating things. I got the idea yesterday with about 15 minutes before I had to leave for our 2nd to last softball game. I quickly printed out 12 4 x 6 question cards for our entire team to answer for our wonderful manager, Coach Mari. I asked each girl three simple questions then took a photo of each of them with her last night. Tonight (if our final game does not get rained out - it is totally pouring now) I will collect them and take the photo of Jessica who was missing last night. While the girls slept, I typed out four simple divider cards and I let Kalli use stickers to decorate them today. I am printing photos now. I am using one of my trusty stash of little albums I found on Clearance at Target.... so for almost no cost, and just a little time, I have created a simple gift album I know Coach Mari will love for a very long time. Here are a couple photos of it. I know this is not stunning or amazing or over the top, but in my really busy hectic little life, it is getting close to done, and it will mean as much to Mari as if I had worked on it all season. Do not underestimate the power you have to create simple little meaningful gifts for others. Try it once - commit to NOT making it harder than it needs to be. You can do it, and it might even make you really happy. I know it makes me happy to have this to hand to her at the closing picnic tomorrow.

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3XMom said...

this is awesome! I am so going to use this idea. THanks!