Friday, June 27, 2008

Are you taking lots of summer photos??

I am about to head out for a couple of days.... so I am in my office clearing off memory cards (it still makes me feel anxious to hit 'delete all' even once they are on the mac and backed up on CD). I wanted to post a few fun summer photos from the last couple of days, and also thank anyone on our softball team for an amazing season. We made simple certificates for all the girls - just added a few mini prints, and the parents LOVED them. Remember... just a bit of thought, a few minutes, and a photo or two can create a cool memory for someone.

If you have commented (or emailed me direct) that you want to take the ONE SUMMER class... PLEASE be taking photos. Take photos of things you love about the summer, of your kids (if you have them) with people they love and of what they write in sidewalk chalk. Take photos of groups of people you hang out with and faces full of sticky candy. I will get you more direction next week, and all materials for the kits have been ordered and will have them ready at Just Need It in the next week or two (do not worry - I will email all of you already signed up via email or comments the MOMENT they go into the cart so you have first dibs on them!!). I am SO EXCITED to talk you through this class over the next few weeks.... the one thing I need you to do now is CARRY YOUR CAMERA and get lots of simple, real life, every day type summer shots now. Please do that - you will not be sorry. THANK YOU for all the excitement about the class. It makes my heart happy to know so many of you will have this album started in a couple of weeks!!

Happy weekend....
P.S. Be thinking about one little thing you can do on Monday - it is always going to be MAKE SOMETHING MONDAY for me. I hope you play along. Remember, if you make one little thing every Monday - in 5 years you will have over 250 little things. How awesome would that be? If you comment on Monday with what you made (I am going to try to have a post set to drop Monday morning, but you all know I am a bit blog-clueless so it might not work).... I will draw a name for an organizational prize from my Cropper Hopper stash. Who could not use anything to get themselves a little more organized??? Cannot wait to read what you guys are making this Monday.

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Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

I'm taking pics and getting ready. I'm out of town to Houston from the 8th through the 11th. I have a lot of testing those days so I am bringing the laptop but I'm not sure how good I'll be at getting online. Please know that if I don't respond right away that I do want a kit and I'll pay you as soon as I get to it. Can't wait to start this project. :)