Monday, June 23, 2008

Blessing Jar & Tag Booklet Class

I just got back from teaching a wonderful class at the town Library tonight. It was a Mom & Me workshop (I love when the kids create with the Moms!). They created a Blessing Jar and Family Blessing Tag Booklet based on the Once Upon A Family March Lessons for Little Ones. It went really well. All the families loved it, and each of them said they wanted to do more workshops like this. Three of them told me they wanted to host a Once Upon A Family workshop in their homes which was great. It was a simple and nice evening. I loved helping families find a way to talk about how blessed they truly are.


Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

I made two things today. One is a little book (made from those BE chipboard cards) called 42 things that make me smile in honor of my 42nd birthday last week. I finished all the stamping, did the introduction and got up to number 6in the pages. HOping to finish that one tomorrow.

I also did 3 little books for my kids for a gift while I'm gone to Houton the second week in July. I found packages of name badges at Dollar Tree - looked at them and of course, thought....that would make a cool book. Got my son Nicholas done tonight except for journaling and got everything for Matthew's and Mari's cut up and ready to go (plus all the pictures) so I should be able to whip through those tomorrow.

Thanks for the incentive to get this stuff done. Normally Monday is our out day but that might have to change in the future. LOL :) today we also went to Glazed Expressions (pottery place) and Barnes and Noble so it was a quite a busy today. Already told my kids that we are staying home ALL day tomorrow.

Love your projects. Especially the blessings jar. Might have to try to one of those with my kids tomorrow. I made a blessing bowl (to hold the fruit on our island) last September and my kids love it but this would give them the opportunity to write down what their blessings are. Great idea Kristi. :)

Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

This was a GREAT project. I showed my kids this post last night and all day I heard, when are we going to make our jars. I had a burst of energy tonight and so....we got them done.

They are still writing their blessings out (mind's been a almost an hour since we started). Not only do I love for them to realize how blessed they are but it's been a great reminder that we need to work on writing our letters and words. They've only been out of school for a couple of weeks and I can already see how much they've forgotten (they are going into 1st grade next year).

So..thanks for posting this. I'm not one for uploading pics online but I may try to take pics tomorrow and send them over to you.

Keep the ideas coming. BTW, I'm planning on taking the summer class - any chance that we will work kids (their words, drawings, etc) into those albums? I'd love to have something where we all contribute this summer.

Take care.