Monday, June 23, 2008

Make Something Monday and WIN!! - edited to add photos of what I just made

Hey - I am working on my Monday project and will add photos later. I just wanted to remind you to post your Email if you let me know you have made something as I will be picking a winner tomorrow out of anyone who posts that they made something. Someone just posted that they already made a Racing layout today (yeah for them!!!!) but they did not leave their email address - so if they win the drawing, I will not have a way to let them know!!

So GO MAKE SOMETHING this Monday and let me know you did. Give me your email, too. There could be a fun prize package from Yellow Fence with your name on it!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

I just finished the Family Blessings tag book and jar I am teaching for our town tonight (I know, last minute... but it has been a crazy few weeks!!) I found great smooth glass jars at Michaels that worked perfect. This is based on the March Lessons for Little Ones project my family did with Once Upon A Family products - they give you monthly activities and ideas that help you get your family to focus on different family values. I LOVE IT. They have Lessons for Little Ones for younger kids and Live, Laugh Love club for bigger kids. What a wonderful way to get your family to engage in fun discussions about things that REALLY MATTER. Email me if you want more info on these amazing products.


Trace Geworsky said...

I made 3 cards this am..woohoo(all with a friends theme)
Trace G

Connie F. said...

I did a double page layout of some old pictures of my dad - at about 6 years old and at 20 - just before he and my mom met. It was a lot of fun.

Natalie said...

I printed all of my Jan - May 08 pictures about two weeks ago when was having a sale. so, today i organized them using stacy julians photo freedom's approach. i have all the stuff layed out to make a layout about my son's first swim tonight after he goes to be!!!

Anonymous said...

I did my very last page for my Disney album (actually 2 albums) from December 2005. This was the first vacation my whole family had gone on since I was about 13 - great time and LOTS of pics.
I have a total of 90 12 X 12 pages in two books - went home during lunch today and did the final back page!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

(I'm going to a weekend crop Thursday and swore I wasn't taking this with me again - it had to be finished before I left!)

Lynn (furrball)

CC said...

I made some cards that I'll send off to used by troops overseas to mail back to their families.

And I edited and uploaded some photos for use in my summer album. I love that they'll be ready to pickup in the morning and I didn't have to leave my house.

Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

Oops...I posted on the entry after your class at the library but I started two books today. One called 42 things that make me smile in honor of my recent 42nd birthday and little name badge holder books for each of my kids. More description up on other entry.

Love, love, love the blessings jar. Going to try that one here tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi,

While sitting on an airplane today......I knitted a sock. I wasn't able to complete it....but I did get 4 inches done. Over the weekend I attended my sister's wedding in Arizona...I stayed up all night printing off pictures and adding them to a quick assembled album.....I was able to give the wedding album to my sister before she left for her honeymoon on Sunday afternoon. She loved it.

Mary Mitchell

Anonymous said...

I started out to make cards today (the supplies are still spread out on my work table) and then my 21 month old grandson came to spend the day and night, so my husband and I spent the day MAKING MEMORIES with Silas and taking pictures. He loves to look at himself on the camera. He rode the tractor & lawnmower with Grand-Teddy and we all played b-ball. No cards were made, no housework was done, but we had a fun! I did get some cards mailed that I had already made. Now Silas is sound asleep and I feel today was a success because we laughed and played all day and made lots of memories.
Grannie Annie

alyssa said...

I made a card:

Only one :) but really enjoyed the process and playing with my supplies!