Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo Filled Weekend

Our family had a very busy weekend and I took a ton of photos. We were in the Relay for Life Cancer Walk, were on a float for our softball team in the town Parade which ended at the town festival and today, we spent the day at a local water park with a ticket Kalli got for FREE for reading so much this year. It was busy and crazy, and I am so happy to be headed towards bed. I just wanted to share a few of the many photos I took. I cannot wait to print them for my One Summer album. I am excited to be really focused on capturing these summer moments before they are gone. I am grateful for every single photo I just uploaded and I am thrilled to be able to live these moments over and over..... I hope you are taking lots of photos too! Shoot & Print! That is my motto this summer. I do not want to leave this summer as a faded memory or just a .jpg file. I am going to print and love my photos and my memories! I know I will always be grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. I took your Monday challenge and made a 2-page l/o about racing.