Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends helping friends...

Kalli had an INCREDIBLE kindergarten teacher this year. Just a wonderful teacher and great person. Her husband passed away quite suddenly last year, and her youngest daughter is getting married next Saturday. She is quite sad that her Dad is not there to walk her down the aisle... Mrs. Moran calls herself the least creative person ever (odd for a kindergarten teacher she always says) so she came over after finding some photos of her daughter and husband to create something small for her for the wedding. We both have some homework to do to complete the album on Monday, but here are a few photos of it so far. I will post better photos once it is complete, but here is a peek. I had no plan, no clue how many photos she had, and I had to use something I had here as we had no time to shop.... for winging it, I think we did a nice job. I cannot wait to see it after we meet for a bit on Monday.

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