Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memories and traditions...

40 years ago today, my wonderful parents got married. I picture my Mom getting her hair done and all of her girlfriends putting on their funny-colored green dresses.... Because of this day back in 1968, so many wonderful things happened. My parents stayed in love throughout the years and had us three kids. That loved showed us the way to their grandchildren. It is amazing to think about how much life would have changed if they had not taken the chance to marry at 19 or stopped trying to make it work when things were rough. I always knew I was blessed beyond measure to be born to my parents. I appreciated them all my life. Now that I have been married 10 years, I have a deep appreciation for how hard they worked to raise us kids and make a nice life for us while still making time to stay in love. I only wish my Mom was still here so I could make sure she really and truly understood how much love and respect I have for her and the wonderful life she created with my Dad. Please make sure, if your parents are still alive, that you do whatever you can to make sure they truly know how much love them, how much you learned from them and how deeply you appreciate all the little things they have done for you over the years. We let off a bunch of balloons to my Mom in heaven today with little notes on them from the girls and I. I hope she gets them. And I hope she is proud of us down here - doing all we can to move on without her. I really really miss her.

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad.

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