Friday, June 6, 2008

Our first Freaky Friday

Today was our first "Freaky, fun, fabulous family Friday" (Kalli named it) and we sure made the best of it. I used to work full time and the kids had to be in daycare every weekday. Well, financially, we are struggling to the point where I can only afford daycare a couple days a week. On those two days (Tuesday & Thursday), I try to work about 10 hours days at Keilman & Sikora. On Wednesday, all four of us girls have Wednesdays with Busia (we run errands and do to appointments with my 84 year old grandma).... On Monday I am trying to focus on on-line classes, working for Danelle, and Once Upon A Family.... I have a babysitter coming for a few hours every Monday from now on (which I am SOOOO excited about so I will FINALLY get some classes rolling)... Which leaves us Friday. And, for ONCE in my life, rather than pack it full of work things or ways to try to make our family some extra money, I am going to just BE with my kids every Friday this summer. We plan to have Fantastic Fridays all summer long. Today was the first one, and it sure was fabulous....

We used gift cards and Target coupons to get some fun water toys. And once they were assembled, we had a super time. Friends came over and then it rained and they all ran in to dry off and watch movies together. The rain has stopped, so I am about to get out the snow cone machine.... I cannot think of a better way to spend a day. It came out of financial need, but MAN am I grateful for the opportunity to spend every Friday just being a MOM with my cute little kids.

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