Saturday, July 12, 2008

11 years ago yesterday....

I got married. I just thought you all might like to see me with BIGGER hair and skinnier! :)

Ahhhh, the days where anniversaries meant fancy dinners and sleeping in the next morning....

Well, we spent our big night helping my dad's new wife move, had dinner at a new local place by their house with everyone, and took the kids swimming at 9 PM. Not what you would have thought would have been fun 11 years ago, but I LOVED IT! I loved helping my dad - having dinner at a fun new place, and just being together. And both kids are getting so much better in the water. It was a peaceful evening.... I enjoyed it all. Oh yeah, we went to bed REALLY late for them especially, and little Kaya drug me out of bed at 6:50 AM. Yeah, there are a couple things I do miss about those sleeping in days.... but overall, life is amazing. And I am very grateful for it all.
I made Neil a SIMPLE, cool album for our 9th anniversary. I will try to dig that out tonight and post photos of you to see a sample of another super easy gift. Have a great today!

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