Thursday, July 10, 2008

A few pages from my One Summer Album

Here are a few pages I did tonight and a few really early this morning.... I just wanted to show you guys how SIMPLE it is to just work towards getting something done. These photos are not perfect... I have a random mix of horizontal and vertical, I am using my good old messy handwriting and simply doing the best I can. And yet, when I close my album and open it back up and flip through it all, my heart swells with pride that I have this simple record of our everyday lives this ONE SUMMER. It is here, it is real, it is a work in progress. I shoot differently and think differently because I have all these amazing simple moments to capture in this little binder album. I hope you are thinking a few things...

1) that you should take and prints lots of photos from this summer

2) that anything you make is better than just surfing the internet and wishing you were scrapbooking or organizing your massive supply stacks on your workspace (yes, I have done all of these over and over!!!)

3) that you can commit to not making memory keeping any harder than it needs to be

You can all capture little moments before they are gone. Grab a notebook and a pen.... a summer kit like ONE SUMMER, a simple photo album.... anything that gets you scrapbooking, creating, journaling..... I know you will love anything you create. Have a memory filled weekend.


Susan said...

Wow Kristi, you sure know how to hit where a gal know!!! It's as though you have been watching over my shoulder as I surf and look at everyone else's beautiful work---and it's not work at all, it's PLAY!!!! You are just so on it that it scares me! This is the second time this week I felt AHA moments from your words. I can't even get into my studio but I can see if I am going to keep following your blog that I am going to have to find a way. Even if it's just one little corner. Got my kit today---it's really pretty. I have been taking a few more pics so now I just have to figure out what to do to make some space. Thanks for the almost daily kick in the pants....truly!!! There's no excuse!

Amaris said...

You write very well.