Monday, July 21, 2008

Awesome Album from Melodee Langworthy!

This is what I worked on over the weekend, and I am working on it more today, too. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. If you have not taken a class from Melodee Langworthy, you should! She is amazing, and she made me fall BACK in love with stamping. I was a major stamper years ago… with all the embossing powder and things like that…. (back when I loved making things harder then they needed to be) Well, I had forgotten how much I love stamps. And Mellie reminded me this week. She took her spare time to help me stamp and assemble her AMAZING pieces of me project she gave me a long time ago (But I was terrified to take apart the journal by myself). She spent her time in-between events at CHA helping me stamp and re-assemble this journal project. I LOVED IT! I stamped my heart out and really found peace at the process. Once I got home, I immediately started adding in photos and journaling notes to my project! She also showed me how to add photos into the spine once it was already reassembled! I love this project – and it is an amazing gift to my girls. This project makes my heart feel happy. And, I LOVED stamping simply with Danelle’s newer stamps! Ahhhhh, projects like this just really matter and I am grateful Mellie gave me this gift AND helped me assemble it, too! I loved making this project this rainy old Monday..... did you make anything??? I really hope you did.
(edited to note - little Kaya took those photos of me I printed for the cover. They always made me laugh, never had a way to use them. Thought this cover was the perfect reason to finally print them.)


Melodee said...

The photos on the cover are perfect Kristi!!

You have done such an amazing job filling up the album with writing / is so fun what each person can do so with the kit! You inspire me to write more!!

It was great seeing you again at CHA...glad you were able to hang out with me for a bit! :)

Debbie said...

You are such an enambler!! LOL :) I was trying to hold off on any new projects while I caught up but I read this post yesterday, sent off an email to Mellie and well...I'm now the owner of a kit!! LOL :)

Make it Something Monday was amazing yesterday - we got tons done. I'll update my blog later (power went out this morning and I decided to clean junk drawers - yes, we have more than one- and well....I'm still sorting, putting stuff in ziplocs and getting it back in).

Thanks for doing this Monday thing. It's really gotten my kids and I motivated this summer. I have gotten so much done.
Have a great day! :)

Deb said...

oops...enambler should have been enabler. Maybe I'll nap instead!! LOL :)